Sentence Examples

  • The latter integral becomes, on expanding in a series, fds/V f(udx+vdy+wdz)/V2-1-f(udx+vdy+wdz)2/V3ds+..., since ids = dx.
  • The swiftest current te,-ids, by reason of centrifugal force, to follow the outer side of every significant curve in the channel; hence the concave bank, against which the rapid current sweeps, is worn away; thus any chance irregularity is exaggerated, and in time a series of large serpentines or meanders is developed,, the most-symmetrical examples at present being those near Greenville, Miss.
  • Miss Nichols fi -ids that it occurs very soon after the germination of the spore in Cc sinus, but no fusion of cells or migration of nuclei was to be observed.
  • His tomb in his college chapel of St Salvator's at St Andrews,; Ids college and his bridge over the river Eden, have survived as monuments of a good and great man; they passed unscathed through the ruin wrought by the reformers.

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