Sentence Examples

  • This coincides with the Hebrew use of the term as idolatrous priests, Hos.
  • Pele in idolatrous times was the dreaded goddess of Kilauea.
  • He is described as a wicked and idolatrous king, and was slain by Jehu, son of Nimshi.
  • At an age when the high places were regarded as idolatrous it was considered only natural that the good kings should not have tolerated them.
  • As late as 1230 human sacrifices were still being offered up in Prussia and Lithuania, and, in spite of all the efforts of the Teutonic Knights, idolatrous practices still lingered amongst the people, while amongst the Lapps, though successful missions had been inaugurated as early as 1335, Christianity cannot be said to have become the dominant religion till at least two centuries later.