Sentence Examples

  • Since the determinant having two identical rows, and an3 an3 ��� ann vanishes identically; we have by development according to the elements of the first row a21Au+a22Al2 +a23A13+��� +a2nAin =0; and, in general, since a11A11+a12A12 +ai 3A13+�� � +ainAin = A, if we suppose the P h and k th rows identical a A +ak2 A 12 +ak3A13+��� +aknAin =0 (k > i) .and proceeding by columns instead of rows, a li A lk +a21A2k + a 31A3k+���+aniAnk = 0 (k .>
  • If the jth column be identical with the i ll ' the determinant A vanishes identically; hence if j be not equal to i, k, or r, a 11 a 21 a31 0 =I alk a2k a3k A11.
  • For in this case the n equations are not independent since identically Al�ft+ A2� f2+...+An�fn = 0, and assuming that the minors do not all vanish the satisfaction of ni of the equations implies the satisfaction of the nth.
  • +(m -3) D 5(213) (214) (15) - (13) (14) (14), as= and and we see further that (alai +a2a2+...+amam) k vanishes identically unless (mod m).
  • For a single quantic of the first order (ab) is the symbol of a function of the coefficients which vanishes identically; thus (ab) =a1b2-a2bl= aw l -a1ao=0 and, indeed, from a remark made above we see that (ab) remains unchanged by interchange of a and b; but (ab), = -(ba), and these two facts necessitate (ab) = o.

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