Sentence Examples

  • The root-hairs penetrate between masses of the hyphae of the Fungus.
  • The hyphae of the mycelium of this fungus are septate, with numerous short branches.
  • The internal tissue of the body of the solid higher Fungi, particularly the elongated stalks (stipes) of the fructifications of the Agarics, consists of hyphae running in a longitudinal direction, which no doubt serve for the conduction of organic food substances, just as do the trumpet-hyphae, similar in appearance, though not in origin, of the higher Brown Seaweeds.
  • Cells of this type are often called trumpet-hyphae (though they have no connection with the hyphae of Fungi), and in some genera of Laminariaceae those at the periphery of the medulla simulate the sieve-tubes of the higher plants in a striking degree, even (like these latter) developing the peculiar substance callose on or in the perforated cross-walls or sieve-plates.
  • In many forms its hyphae are particularly thick-walled, and may strikingly resemble the epidermis of a vascular plant.