Sentence Examples

  • Since in such cases the sporophore bears sexual cells, they may be conveniently termed gametophores.
  • Us to cases where the main mass of the sporophore forms a supporting tissue of closely crowded or interwoven hyphae, the sporogenous terminal parts of the hyphae being found at the periphery or apical regions only.
  • Here we have the cushion-like type (stroma) of Nectria and many Pyrenomycetes, the clavate "receptacle" of Clavaria, &c., passing into the complex forms met with in Sparassis, Xylaria, Polyporei, and Agaricini, &c. In these cases the compound sporophore is often termed the hymenophore, and its various parts demand special names (pileus, stipes, gills, po--es, &c.) to denote peculiarities of distribution of the hymenium owlthe surface.
  • By this means the temperature of the sporophore is raised and the difference between it and the surrounding air may be one of several degrees.
  • Most of Basidiomycetes are characterized by the large sporophore on which the basidia with its basidiospores are borne.

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