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  • The two principal parts of which an apothecium consists are the hypothecium and the hymenium, or thecium.
  • The hypothecium is the basal part of the apothecium on which the hymenium is borne; the latter consists of asci (thecae) with ascospores, and paraphyses.
  • As indicated above, the weight of evidence seems to favour what has been put forward in the case of the non-lichenforming fungi (see Fungi), that in some cases the ascogonia develop as a result of a previous fertilization by spermatia, in other cases the ascogonia develop without such a union, while in still other Epithecium Asci  :Thecium (Hymenium) Paraphyses Parathecium, - Cortex gn,go mphitheciam - __ __MeddllzC-- _Hypoitienum==?=_` After Darbishire, from Berichte der deutschen botanischen Gesellschaft, by permission of Borntraeger & Co.
  • In these forms gonidia are found in connexion with the young fruit; such algal cells undergo numerous divisions becoming very small in size and penetrating into the hymenium among the asci and paraphyses.
  • The two bestknown genera are Cora and Dictyonema; Corella, whose hymenium is unknown, is also placed here by Wainio.

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