Sentence Examples

  • Rienzi obtained aid from Louis of Hungary and others, and on the 20th of November his forces defeated the nobles in a battle just outside the gates of Rome, a battle in which the tribune himself took no part, but in which his most distinguished foe, Stephen Colonna, was killed.
  • In 1519 Hungary concluded a three years' truce with Selim I., but the succeeding sultan, Suliman the Magnificent, renewed the war in June 1521 and on the 28th of August captured the citadel of Belgrade.
  • According to the statistics for 1903, based on several hundred stations, the average number of days of thunder throughout six subdivisions of the country, some wholly plain, others mainly mountainous, varied only from 21.1 to 26.5, the mean for the whole of Hungary being 23.5.
  • 20 o I California o The figure for Hungary is based on the seven years 18 971903; that for the Netherlands, from data by A.
  • Thus in Hungary, in 1902 and 1903, out of 229 persons killed, at least 171 were killed out of doors.

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