Sentence Examples

  • Every year in the United States, hundreds of children die from burn injuries, and thousands are hospitalized due to burns, while hundreds of thousands of children suffer from mild burns that don't require hospitalization.
  • If children receive proper support from family members and the hospital staff, hospitalization can even make them feel proud for having successfully negotiated a challenge to their maturity, self-discipline, and courage.
  • The financial counselor can help families evaluate their insurance plan's hospitalization coverage, determine a payment plan for medical expenses that are not covered, and discuss possible sources of financial aid.
  • Munchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder that causes an individual to self-inflict injury or illness or to fabricate symptoms of physical or mental illness in order to receive medical care or hospitalization.
  • While influenza virus vaccines cannot give complete protection against flu, they greatly reduce the risk of flu-like infections, reduce the risk of hospitalization, and shorten the duration of these infections.