Sentence Examples

  • The horsepower available at the driving-axle, conveniently called the brake horse-power, is from 20 to 30% less than the indicated horse-power, and the ratio, B.H.P./I.H.P. =E, is called the mechanical efficiency of the steam engine.
  • In a particular case where the boiler pressure was maintained constant at 130 lb per square inch, and the cut-off was approximately 20% of the stroke, the values c =55 and b=o 031 were deduced, from which it will be found that the value of the piston speed corresponding to the maximum horsepower is 887 ft.
  • In 1905, 1146 establishments reported power, as against 1360 in 1900-a decrease of 15.7%, but the total horsepower increased from 155,545 to 190,777, or 22.7%.
  • Of this power about half would be used at the blastfurnaces themselves, leaving 750,000 horsepower available for driving the machinery of the rolling mills, &c. This use of the gas engine is likely to have far - reaching results.
  • At 150 revolutions, each turbine will have a nominal horsepower of woo.

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