Sentence Examples

  • "I'm off to shoot hoops with a kid I met at the hot spring pool," he said.
  • "He's been busy shooting hoops with Pumpkin Green," Dean said.
  • 1442), "A new yeare's guifte, or a posie made upon certen flowers," &c. "Posy rings," plain or engraved gold rings with a "posy" inscribed on the inside of the hoops, were very frequently in use as betrothal rings from the 16th to the 18th centuries.
  • Soft clay was then carefully laid on to strengthen the mould, in considerable thickness, till the whole statue appeared like a shapeless mass of clay, round which iron hoops were bound to hold it all together.
  • In diameter at the ground, the chestnut is found to make durable hoops for casks and props for vines; and of a larger size it makes good hop-poles.