Sentence Examples

  • 2, nch.), growing forwards in the septum between the proboscis-cavity and the collar-cavities, and supported dorsally by the median mesentery of the collar, is the representative of the so-called notochord or stomochord of Balanoglossus; and if the view that this organ is really a notochord is well founded, it may be regarded as the homologue of the anterior end of the Vertebrate notochord.
  • This pad varies much; it is morphologically the homologue of the pair of basiventral elements which by their lateral extension give origin to the corresponding ribs.
  • This last tube is probably the homologue of Laurer's canal (Goto, 8).
  • This structure is regarded as the homologue of a canal (Laurer's canal) which in the Heterocotylea opens into the (After Monticelli.
  • Is the homologue of the male epididymis and vas deferens.

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