Sentence Examples

  • LOGOGRAPHI (Aoyos, ypa, writers of prose histories or tales), the name given by modern scholars to the Greek historiographers before Herodotus.'
  • Not only the royal court, but every feudal court had its historiographers and musicians.
  • He united in his person the best qualities of his predecessors, and possessed the gift of taking full advantage of the talents of the able generals, admirals and 1 Suleiman, eldest son of Bayazid I., who maintained himself as sultan at Adrianople from 1402 to 1410, is not reckoned as legitimate by the Ottoman historiographers, who reckon Suleiman the Magnificent as the first of the name.
  • Even if they possessed the requisite qualifications the historiographers attached to the courts of the emperor Charles V.
  • He was admitted by the Alexandrian critics into the canon of historiographers, and his work was highly valued by Alexander the Great.

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