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  • The name Brahui is (according to Bellew) but a corruption of Ba-rohi (or " hillmen ") in a language derived from Sanskrit which would represent the same term by Parva-ka.
  • Known also as "Society Men," "Sanquharians" and "Hillmen," they became a separate church after the religious settlement of 1690, taking the official title of Reformed Presbyterians in 1743.
  • But neither the severe climate nor the neighbourhood of wild and warlike hillmen shook their faith, and in the course of half a century, in one of the most unhealthy and unfertile localities in the Caucasus, they transformed this wilderness into flourishing colonies, and continued to live a Christian and laborious life, making friends with, instead of fighting, the hillmen.
  • Experiments have also been made with the Kachin hillmen and with the Shans; but the Burmese character is so averse to discipline and control in petty matters that it is impossible to get really suitable men to enlist even in the civil police.
  • Apart from the pitched battles, the warfare of Alexander was largely hill-fighting, in which the hypaspistae took the principal part, and the contingents of light-armed hillmen from the Balkan region did excellent service.

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