Sentence Examples

  • The hieroglyphs was done partly with copper and partly with flint scrapers (P.M.
  • Defined, and the origins of the hieroglyphs and of their values had not been investigated beyond the most obvious points.
  • In the latter age granite surfaces were ground, hieroglyphs were chipped out and polished by copper tools fed with emery; outlines were graved by a thick sheet of copper held in the hand, and sawed to and fro with emery.
  • A vase of Menes with purple inlaid hieroglyphs in green glaze and the tiles with relief figures are the most important pieces.
  • The race who first developed it spoke an agglutinative language, and to them was due the invention of the pictorial hieroglyphs which became the running-hand or cuneiform characters of later days, as well as the foundation of the chief cities of the country and the elements of its civilization.