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  • The mercury salt, Hg(SC2H5)2, crystallizes from alcohol in plates.
  • Bamberger, Ber., 1893.26, p. 49 6); by the oxidation of nitrosobenzene (below) with atmospheric oxygen; or by the decomposition of benzene diazonium nitrate mercury nitrite, Hg(NO 2) 2.2C 6 H 5 N 2 NO 3, with copper powder (A.
  • Williamson): (CONH 2) 2 +HgO= CO(NH2)2+ Hg +CO 2 j by decomposing potassium cyanide with a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite, followed by adding ammonium sulphate (A.
  • Replacement of - NH 2 by - NO 2 :-A well - cooled concentrated solution of potassium mercuric nitrate is added to a cooled solution of benzene diazonium nitrate, when the crystalline salt 2C6H5N2 N03, Hg(N02)2 is precipitated.
  • Mercuric cyanide, Hg(NC)2, is a sparingly soluble salt formed by dissolving precipitated mercuric oxide in hydrocyanic acid, or by boiling potassium ferrocyanide with mercuric sulphate and water: 2K4Fe(NC)6+3HgS04=3Hg(NC)2+ 3K 2 SO 4 -{-K 2 Fe[Fe(NC) 6 ].

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