Sentence Examples

  • Latreille in 1825 (Families naturelles du regne animal), since it has the advantage of expressing, in a single word, an important characteristic of the group. The terms "Hexapoda " and " hexapod " had already been used by F.
  • Lecaillon (1898) on various leaf beetles, tend to show that the organ " in the embryos of the lower Arthropoda corresponds with whole of the " mid-gut " arises from the proliferation of cells at the the region invaginated to form the serosa of the hexapod embryo.
  • - The segments are perceptible at a very regarded as the true endoderm in the hexapod embryo, for he states early stage of the development as a number of transverse bands (1897) that in the bristle-tail Lepisma and in dragon-flies they give arranged in a linear sequence.
  • An adult Hexapod is provided with a firm, well-chitinized cuticle and six conspicuous jointed legs.
  • Two divergent views have been held as to the nature of the original hexapod stock.

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