Sentence Examples

  • Two divergent views have been held as to the nature of the original hexapod stock.
  • But the word " Insect " had become limited since the days of Linnaeus to the Hexapod Pterygote forms, to the exclusion of his Aptera.
  • Toothed so as to act as a biting jaw in the Hexapod Mantis, the Crustacean Squilla and others); with the last joint produced into a needle-like stabbing process in spiders.
  • The number is significant, since it agrees with that found in Edriophthalmous Crustacea, and assigns the labium of the Hexapod to the same somite numerically as that which carries the labium-like maxillipedes of those Crustacea.
  • Latreille in 1825 (Families naturelles du regne animal), since it has the advantage of expressing, in a single word, an important characteristic of the group. The terms "Hexapoda " and " hexapod " had already been used by F.