Sentence Examples

  • 4 dibrom-cyclo-hexane with quinoline.
  • Blanc (Comptes rendus, 1903, 136, p. 1460), prepared hydrocarbons of the cyclo-pentane series from cyclo- hexane compounds by the exhaustive methylation process of A.
  • Stobbe, Ann., 1901, 314, p. III; 315, p. 219 seq.; 1903, 326, p. 347 Cyclo-hexane Group. Hydrocarbons.
  • - Cyclo-hexane, or hexahydro benzene, C 6 H 121 is obtained by the action of sodium on a boiling alcoholic solution of I.
  • Hexahydrocymene (methyl-i-isopropyl-4-cyclo-hexane), C10H20, is important since it is the parent substance of many terpenes (q.v.).

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