Sentence Examples

  • Again, the curious distortions on the stems of nettles attacked by the Aecidium form of the heteroecious Puccina (]aricis (see FUNGf for Heteroecism), or on maize stems and leaves attacked by Ustilago Maydis, or on the inflorescence of crucifers infested with Cystopus, &c., are not individually very destructive; it is the cumulative effects of numerous attacks or of extensive epidemics which eventually tell.
  • This is the only case of heteroecism known in the vegetable kingdom outside the Uredineae.
  • The eu and opsis forms may exhibit the remarkable phenomenon of heteroecism, i.e.
  • Heteroecism is very common in this group and is now known in over one hundred and fifty species.
  • In all cases of heteroecism the sporidia infect one host leading to the production of aecidiospores and spermatia (if present), while the aecidiospores are only able to infect another B /., f.

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