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  • Uredospores, septa of Basidiomycetes), spirals, reticulations, rings, &c. (capillitium fibres of Podaxon, Calostoma, Battarrea), occur as in the vessels of higher plants, while sculptured networks, pittings and so forth are as common on fungus-spores as they are on pollen grains.
  • Five different kinds of spores may be present - teleutospores, sporidia (= basidiospores), aecidiospores, spermatia and uredospores (fig.
  • (After Sachs.) C, Mass of uredospores (ur), with one teleutospore (t).
  • When the sporidia infect a plant the mycelium so produced gives origin to aecidiospores and spermatia; the aecidiospores on infection produce a mycelium which bears uredospores and later teleutospores.
  • This is the lifehistory of the most complicated forms, of the so-called eu forms. In the opsis forms the uredospores are absent, the mycelium from the aecidiospores producing directly the teleutospores.

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