Sentence Examples

  • The Greek example is Phrixus, Helle, and the ram of the golden fleece.
  • " Sea of Helle "; variously named in classical literature `EXXjairovros, 6 " EXigs Irovros, Hellespontum Pelagus, and Fretum Hellesponticum), the ancient name of the Dardanelles.
  • It was so-called from Helle, the daughter of Athamas, who was drowned here.
  • Jason's uncle Athamas had two children, Phrixus and Helle, by his wife Nephele, the cloud goddess.
  • But before the sacrifice the shade of Nephele appeared to Phrixus, bringing a ram with a golden fleece on which he and his sister Helle endeavoured to escape over the sea.

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