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  • He was the inventor of the stage-micrometer, and of a form of heliometer; and in 1816 he succeeded in constructing for the microscope achromatic glasses of long focus, consisting of a single lens, the constituent glasses of which were in juxtaposition, but not cemented together.
  • One was to use a heliometer to measure the distance between the limbs of Venus and the sun during the whole time that the planet was seen projected on the solar disk, and the other was to take photographs of the sun during the period of the transit and subsequently measure the negatives.
  • The Germans laid the greatest stress on measures with the heliometer; the Americans, English, and French on the photographic method.
  • The German measures with the heliometer gave apparently concordant results, as follows: Transit of 1874: par.
  • HELIOMETER (from Gr.

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