Sentence Examples

  • A second type of hedonism - less ignoble, but perhaps also less logical - calls men to seek the happiness of others.
  • 816 Hedonism (Epicurus) 818 Later Greek and Roman Ethics 818 Neoplatonism .
  • Practically speaking ancient hedonism advocated the happiness of the individual: the modern hedonism of Hume, Bentham and Mill is based on a wider conception of life.
  • This relation to a "good" must not, however, be construed as a doctrine of ethics in the narrower sense; nor is its "utilitarianism" to be confused with the hedonism of the British associationists.
  • It was clear that if philosophic hedonism was to be established on a broad and firm basis, it must in its notion of good combine what the plain man naturally sought with what philosophy could plausibly offer.

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