Sentence Examples

  • The headstreams of the Bakhoy rise between 11° 30' and 12° N.
  • Its principal affluent, the Baule (Red river), and its headstreams rise farther east on the northern slopes of the hills which above Bamako shut in the Niger.
  • He explored (1894-1895) the headstreams of the Shebeli, reached Lake Rudolf, and eventually descended the Tana river to the sea, his journey thus taking him through southern Somaliland.
  • Of the three headstreams, the Web, the Ganale and the Daua, the Ganale (or Ganana) is the central river and the true upper course of the Juba.
  • Below the mountainous region of the headstreams the Juba and its tributaries flow through a country generally arid away from the banks of the streams. The soil is sandy, covered either with thorn-scrub or rank grass, which in the rainy season affords herbage for the herds of cattle, sheep and camels owned by the Boran Gallas and the Somali who inhabit the district.

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