Sentence Examples

  • Our chief of men, who through a cloud Not of war only, but detractions rude, Guided by faith and matchless fortitude, To peace and truth thy glorious way hast ploughed,.
  • Hast been by sufficient proof convicted (here mention the sin) and after due admonition and prayer remainest obstinate without any evidence or sign of true repentance: Therefore in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and before this congregation, I pronounce and declare thee N.
  • The steady progress of the heretical movement in spite of all opposition was a cause of deep sorrow to Polycarp, so that in the last years of his life the words were constantly on his lips, "Oh good God, to what times hast thou spared me, that I must suffer such things!"
  • Of which directs how the sisters after the synaxis of the ninth hour (3 P.M.) are to dine: "When you sit down at a table and come to break bread, seal it thrice with the sign of the cross and thus give thanks: ` We thank thee, our Father, for thy holy resurrection; for through Jesus thy servant thou hast shewn it unto us.
  • Herrera's other works are the following: Historia de lo sucedido en Escocia é Inglaterra en quarenta y quatro anos que vivio la reyna Maria Estuarda (Madrid, 1589); Cinco libros de la historic de Portugal, y conquista de las islas de los Acores, 1582-1583 (Madrid, 1591); Historia de lo sucedido en Francia, 1585-1594 (Madrid, 1598); Historia general del mundo del tiempo del rey Felipe II, desde 1559 hast y su muerte (Madrid, 1601-1612, 3 vols.); Tratado, relation, y discurso historico de los movimientos de Aragon (Madrid, 1612); Comentarios de los hechos de los Espanoles, Franceses, y Venecianos en Italia, &c., 1281-1559 (Madrid, 1624, seq.).

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