Sentence Examples

  • The implements of the Bronze Age include swords, awls, knives, gouges, hammers, daggers and arrow-heads.
  • At the edge of town the sound of hammers announced the building of another hotel.
  • The stone knives, arrowheads, celts, hoe-blades, hammers, nails, awls, etc., associated with this pottery are of kinds which though simple and often crude in type are nevertheless not early, but date from the transition period to the age of metal and the earliest centuries of the latter period.
  • There are all kinds of different tools, pitons, hammers to set pitons, ice screws, pound-ins, ice hooks, wired nuts and cams—different stuff for different surfaces.
  • The type is often used in foundries, or to serve heavy hammers in a smithy, whence the name.