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  • When, for example, Hagar, the "Egyptian," is the ancestress of Ishmaelite tribes, the evidence makes it very unlikely that the term is to be understood in the strict ethnical sense; and there are other passages more suitably interpreted on the hypothesis that the wider extension of the term was once familiar.
  • The older narratives comprise (a) the promise that Abraham shall have a son of his own flesh (xv.)-the account is composite; 3 (b) the birth of Ishmael, Abraham's son by Hagar, their exile, and Yahweh's promise (xvi., with a separate framework in y r.
  • The story of the dismissal of Hagar and Ishmael, and the revelation (xxi.
  • Lotan, an Edomite name), of Isaac from Hagar-Ishmael, or of Jacob from Esau-Edom scarcely points to the relative antiquity of the origin of these nonIsraelite peoples who, to judge from the evidence, were closely related.
  • At Beer-lahai-roi an El ("god") appeared to Hagar, whence the name of her child Ishmael; but the writer prefers the unambiguous proper name Yahweh, and, what is more, the divine being is now Yahweh's angel - the Almighty's subordinate (xvi.).

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