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  • Orders: Gymnolaemata (Sub-orders: Tripostomata, Cryptostomata, Cyclostomata, Ctenostomata, Cheilostomata), Phylactolaemata.
  • Gymnolaemata (Allman).- Lophophore circular, with no epistome.
  • This is continuous with the general body-cavity in the Phylactolaemata, while in the Gymnolaemata it develops in the bud as a part of the body-cavity, from which it becomes completely separated.
  • In a few Gymnolaemata the ectocyst is merely chitinous, although in most cases the four vertical walls and the basal wall of the zooecium are calcareous.
  • The bodywall is greatly simplified in the Gymnolaemata, in correlation with the functional importance of the skeletal part of the wall.

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