Sentence Examples

  • Worship of ancient myths and manners was Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839), now better remembered as the father of gymnastic science than as a poet.
  • In many places gymnastic contests form a feature of his festivals, and he himself is proficient in athletic exercises (E'aywvtos).
  • (1887); the Hoyt Library and the Public Library; a large auditorium, belonging to the city; an armoury; the Germania Institute, with a kindergarten, a gymnastic school and a German library; and a free bathhouse and manual training school (1903), a part of the public school system.
  • Of the education of Herodotus no more can be said than that it was thoroughly Greek, and embraced no doubt the three subjects essential to a Greek liberal education - grammar, gymnastic training and music. His studies would be regarded as completed when he attained the age of eighteen, and took rank among the eplzebi or eirenes of his native city.
  • On the "musical" side he was the special patron of eloquence (Mycos); in gymnastic, he was the giver of grace rather than of strength, which was the province of Heracles.