Sentence Examples

  • She wore the Grecian style gown of Hell: secured around her neck by a loose band, it draped over her curves and pooled at her feet, leaving her arms, shoulders and back bare to the hips.
  • One woman wore rustic battle wear from an era she couldn't name, another flowing Grecian robes, yet another robes of a different era.
  • There in even greater state, when Master William Grocyn, "the Grecian," a fellow of New College, "responded," in divinity.
  • For the Grecian Archipelago see Aegean Sea.
  • The world was henceforth viewed as a very large place stretching far on every side beyond the Midland or Mediterranean Sea, and the land journey of Alexander resulted in a voyage of discovery in the outer ocean from the mouth of the Indus to that of the Tigris, thus opening direct intercourse between Grecian and Hindu civilization.

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