Sentence Examples

  • If the grandparent and grandchild have already established a close relationship, then it is unfair to both of them to deny the grandparent access simply because the child's parents are divorced.
  • Schools - The Foster Grandparent Volunteer Association and the Grandparents Association offer the elderly an opportunity to give back to the community by serving as volunteers in local schools.
  • Schools: The foster grandparent program provides a wonderful opportunity for seniors to work with school children as teachers' helpers within the classroom and throughout the school, as needed.
  • Common family triangles include a child and his or her parents; two children and one parent; a parent, a child, and a grandparent; three siblings; or, husband, wife, and an in-law.
  • They may remember watching a parent or grandparent transforming a piece of wood into a special toy or living room side table, seemingly working magic with the old woodworking tool.