Sentence Examples

  • Strecker, Ann., 1850, 75, p. 27); by the oxidation of propylene glycol (A.
  • Ethylene glycol, C2H4(OH)2, was first prepared by A.
  • A-propylene glycol, CH 3 CH(OH) CH 2 OH, a liquid boiling at 188° to 189°, and obtained by heating glycerin with sodium hydroxide and distilling the mixture; and trimethylene glycol, CH 2 OH CH 2 CH 2 OH, a liquid boiling at 214° C. and prepared by boiling trimethylene bromide with potash solution (A.
  • It may be obtained synthetically by heating sodium in a current of carbon dioxide to 360° C.; by the oxidation of ethylene glycol; by heating sodium formate to 400° C. (V.
  • PIPERAZIN, a substance formed by the action of sodium glycol on ethylene-diamine hydrochloride, consisting of small alkaline deliquescent crystals with a saline taste and soluble in water.

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