Sentence Examples

  • Gis-ukh was subdued and a priest named Illi was made its governor.
  • The eighth successor of Ur-Nina was Uru-duggina, who was overthrown and his city captured by Lugal-zaggisi, the highpriest of Gis-ukh.
  • A lion dormant on a rose, the symbol of secrecy: - Ben pur celer, gis sur roser; ici repose liun en la rose; de su la rose le lion repose.
  • According to Scheil, Gis-ukh is represented by Jokha, south of Fara and west of the Shatt el-Hai, and since two of its rulers are called kings of Te on a seal-cylinder, this may have been the pronunciation of the name.'
  • Gis-ukh was made tributary, a certain amount of grain being levied upon each person in it, which had to be paid into the treasury of the goddess Nina and the god Ingurisa.