Sentence Examples

  • There are also Bhil (120,000) and Gipsy (30,000) dialects.
  • A number of satirical folk-tales (largely of Turkish origin) are current at the expense of Jew, gipsy or parish priest.
  • A gipsy-like tribe called the Bebajias are rather numerous in this district.
  • Ottoman Turks, scattered gipsy communities, German settlers in north Palestine, and all sorts of Europeans make up a heterogeneous and incompatible population.
  • Two of the finest works of this early period of the Servian literature of Ragusa are the poem Dervishiyada, written by the Ragusan nobleman Stepan Guchetich (1495-1525), rich in humour and satire, and the poem Yegyupka (" The Gipsy Woman "), written by Andreas Chubranovich (1500-1550), a goldsmith by profession and a very original and clever lyrical poet.