Sentence Examples

  • Near the Manikarnika ghat is the well held to have been dug by Vishnu and filled with his sweat; great numbers of pilgrims bathe in its venerated water.
  • Born and bred in or near the Western Ghat mountains and the numerous tributary ranges, they have all the qualities of mountaineers.
  • They are notably divided into two sections: the Konkanast, coming from the Konkan or littoral tract on the west coast below the Western Ghat mountains; and the Deshast, coming from the uplands or Deccan, on the east of the mountains.
  • Steps lead from this temple to an enclosed flight of stairs, which in the cold season descend to the water, but in the rains are covered almost to the top. This is the ghat where some 600 helpless people were slain, in spite of a promise of safe-conduct from the Nana.
  • GHAT, or Rhat, an oasis and town, forming part of the Turkish vilayet of Tripoli.

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