Sentence Examples

  • Near the Manikarnika ghat is the well held to have been dug by Vishnu and filled with his sweat; great numbers of pilgrims bathe in its venerated water.
  • Born and bred in or near the Western Ghat mountains and the numerous tributary ranges, they have all the qualities of mountaineers.
  • They are notably divided into two sections: the Konkanast, coming from the Konkan or littoral tract on the west coast below the Western Ghat mountains; and the Deshast, coming from the uplands or Deccan, on the east of the mountains.
  • GHAT, or Rhat, an oasis and town, forming part of the Turkish vilayet of Tripoli.
  • Ghat is an important centre of the caravan trade between the Nigerian states and the seaports of the Mediterranean.

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