Sentence Examples

  • The angle cp is termed the eccentric angle, and is geometrically represented as the angle between the axis of x (the major axis of the ellipse) and the radius of a point on the auxiliary circle which has the same abscissa as the point on the ellipse.
  • Alain even ventures an immediate application of this principle, and tries to prove geometrically the dogmas defined in the Creed.
  • The power and spirit of the analytic method will be appreciated by showing how it expresses the relations of motion as they were conceived geometrically by Newton and Kepler.
  • Having these data, the position of the planet at any other time may be geometrically constructed by Kepler's laws.
  • Such a curve may be regarded geometrically as actually described, or kinematically as in the course of description by the motion of a point; in the former point of view, it is the locus of all the points which satisfy a given condition; in the latter, it is the locus of a point moving subject to a given condition.

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