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  • 1294), and indeed all men of leading had accepted as a fact and not a mere hypothesis the geocentric system of the universe and sphericity of the globe, the authors of maps of the world, nearly all of whom were monks, still looked in the main to the Holy Scriptures for guidance in outlining the inhabited world.
  • Geocentric parallax is the angle between the direction of the body as seen from the surface of the earth and the direction in which it appears from the centre of the earth.
  • (2) A theorem relating to the apparent curvature of the geocentric path of a comet.
  • According To The Best Determinations Of Modern Astronomy (Le Verrier'S Solar Tables, Paris, 1858, P. 102), The Mean Geocentric Motion Of The Sun In Longitude, From The Mean Equinox During A Julian Year Of 365.25 Days, The Same Being Brought Up To The Present Date, Is 360 0 27" 685.
  • Thus The Corresponding Relative Mean Geocentric Motion Of The Moon From The Sun Is 12 X360 { 477616" 724; And The Duration Of The Mean Synodic Revolution Of The Moon, Or Lunar Month, Is Therefore 1236776072 25 = 29'530588 Days, Or 29 Days, 12 Hours, 44 Min.

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