Sentence Examples

  • Bears are no longer numerous; the panther and the ounce are met with; the wild hog, hyaena, wolf and fox are by no means rare; jackals and gazelles are very common.
  • The South African springbuck (Antidorcas euchore) is nearly related to the gazelles, from which it is distinguished by the presence on the middle line of the loins of an evertible pouch, lined with long white hairs capable of erection.
  • The dibatag or Clarke's gazelle (Ammodorcas clarkei), of Somaliland, forms a kind of connecting link between the true gazelles and the gerenuk, this being especially shown in the skull.
  • The face has the ordinary gazelle-markings; but the rather short horns - which are wanting in the female - have a peculiar upward and forward curvature, unlike that obtaining in the gazelles FIG.
  • The neck is longer and more slender than in ordinary gazelles, and the tail is likewise relatively long.

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