Sentence Examples

  • The suggestion that the city Udumu, in the land of Gar, mentioned in the 15th century (Amarna Tablets, ed.
  • 237), is Edom, Gar being the Eg.
  • The old hand-mill was known as a " quern," a word which appears in this sense in many Indo-European languages; the ultimate root is gar-, to grind.
  • Thus, to take a classic example, the name of the famous king Nebuchadrezzar occurs written in the following different manners: - (a) Na-bi-urn-ku-du-ur-ri-u-su-ur,(b)AK-DU u-su-ur, (c) AK-ku-dur-ri-Shes, and (d) PA-GAR-DU-Shes, from which we are permitted to conclude that PA or AK (with the determinative for deity AN) = Na-bi-um or Nebo, that GAR-DU or DU alone = kudurri, and that Shes = u.
  • Burra is a contraction of Bo?gar-oy, meaning "Broch island."

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