Sentence Examples

  • Phaethon, tropic-bird; Sula, gannet; Phalacrocorax, cormorant and Plotus, snake-bird; Fregata, frigate-bird; Pelecanus.
  • Cormorant (q.v.) and gannet as well as the true pelicans, and for a long while these and some other distinct groups, as the snake-birds (q.v.), frigate-birds (q.v.) and tropic-birds (q.v.), which have all the four toes of the foot connected by a web, were regarded as forming a single family, Pelecanidae; but this name has now been restricted to the pelicans only, though all are still usually associated in the suborder Steganopodes of Ciconiiform birds.
  • The sea-birds include a great variety of gulls, guillemots, cormorants, albatrosses (four species), fulmars and petrels, and in the Gulf of St Lawrence the gannet is very abundant.
  • Gannet, " Dictionary of Elevations " (1898), and " River Profiles," publications of United States Geological Survey; G.
  • Gannet, " Forests of the United States"; idem, Both Annual Report, pt.

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