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  • But there is a deeper and a worthier reason for the contrast in tone between this epistle and those written to the Galatian and Corinthian churches.
  • 1-6 implies a distinction between such towns as Lystra, Derbe and Iconiuh on the one hand and the Galatian X('pa with Phrygia upon the other.
  • The epistle was not written until Paul had visited Thessalonica, 2 The historical and geographical facts concerning Galatia, which lead other writers to support the south Galatian theory, are stated in the preceding article on Galatia; and the question is still a matter of controversy, the division of opinion being to some extent dependent on whether it is approached from the point of view of the archaeologist or the Biblical critic. The ablest re-statements of the north Galatian theory, in the light of recent pleas for south Galatia as the destination of this epistle, may be found by the English reader in P. W.
  • Steinmann, takes a wider survey in a pamphlet on the north Galatian side of the controversy (Die A bfassungszeit des Galaterbrief es, Munster, i.
  • The tendency among adherents of the south Galatian theory is to put the epistle as early as possible, making it contemporaneous with, if not prior to, 1 Thessalonians.

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