Sentence Examples

  • Libanus, for frankincense, occurs only in the Vulgate.
  • They also melt frankincense as a depilatory, and smear their hands with a paste into the composition of which frankincense enters, for the purpose of communicating to them an attractive perfume.
  • Bernhard von Breydenbach, 8 Ausonius, Florus and others, arguing, it would seem, from its Hebrew and Greek names, concluded that olibanum came from Mount Lebanon; and Chardin (Voyage en Perse, &c., 1711) makes the statement that the frankincense tree grows in the mountains of Persia, particularly Caramania.
  • That the African frankincense, called by the Arabs " asli," is of twice the value of the Arabian " luban."
  • Punt is identified with the Somali country, now known to be the native country of the trees that yield the bulk of the frankincense of commerce.