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  • Franken), the name of one of the stemduchies of medieval Germany.
  • The word Franconia, first used in a Latin charter of 10J3, was applied like the words France, Francia and Franken, to a portion of the land occupied by the Franks.
  • These are Franconia (Franken), which embraces the districts of Bamberg, Schweinfurt and Wurzburg on the upper Main; Swabia (Schwaben), in which is included Wtirttemberg, parts of Bavaria and Baden and Hohenzollern; the Palatinate (Pfalz), embracing Bavaria west of the Rhine and the contiguous portion of Baden; Rhineland, applied to Rhenish Prussia, Nassau, Hesse-Darmstadt and parts of Bavaria and Baden; Vogtland, the mountainous country lying in the south-west corner of the kingdom of Saxony; Lusatia (Lausitz), the eastern portion of the kingdom of Saxony and the adjacent portion of Prussia watered by the upper Spree; Thuringia (Thulingen), the country lying south of the Harz Mountains and including the Saxon duchies; East Frlesland (Ost Friesland), the country lying between the lower course of the Weser and the Ems, and Westphalia (Westfalen), the fertile plain lying north and west of the Harz Mountains and extending to the North Sea and the Dutch frontier.
  • (Berlin, 1837, 3rd ed., 1885); fiber das Leben and die Lehre des Ulfila (Hanover, 1840); Das alte Recht der salischen Franken (Kiel, 1846); and Deutsche Kaiser von Karl dem Grossen bis Maximilian (Berlin, 1872).
  • "ALBERT HAUCK (1845-), German theologian, was born at Hassertriidingen, M.-Franken, Dec. 9 1845, and was educated at the gymnasium at Ansbach and later (1864-8) at the universities of Erlangen and Berlin.

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