Sentence Examples

  • In 1890 the state board of forestry estimated that the redwood forests were in danger of exhaustion by 1930.
  • To prevent the gradual destruction of the forests by unskilful management and depredations, schools of forestry have been founded, and means have been taken for regulating the cutting of wood and for replanting districts that have been partially denuded.
  • The municipality maintains an efficient forestry department.
  • Nearly half of them belong to the state, and in them forestry has been carried out on a scientific basis since 1879.
  • 3 law schools, 4 veterinary institutes, 4 agricultural colleges, 2 mining institutes, 4 engineering institutes, 2 universities for women (93 o students at St Petersburg), 3 technical pedagogic schools, to technical institutes, I forestry and 1 topographical school.

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