Sentence Examples

  • The seeds of the cryptogams or flowerless plants are not true seeds and are properly designated "spores" (see Fruit).
  • The apparently clear distinction between flowering and flowerless plants has been broken down by the series of gradations between the two exhibited by the Lycopodiaceae, Rhizocarpeae, and Gymnospermeae.
  • The plant world falls into two great divisions, the higher or flowering plants (Phanerogams), characterized by the formation of a seed, and the lower or flowerless plants (Cryptogams), in which no seed is formed but the plants are disseminated by means of unicellular bodies termed spores.
  • Each class of flowerless or cryptogamic plants requires special treatment for the herbarium.
  • Flowerless group of ferns begins to shrink in size, and no longer

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