Sentence Examples

  • A branched filamentous organism from the Lower Carboniferous of Scotland, described by Kidston under the name of Bythotrephis worstoniensis, shows some remains of cellular structure, and may probably be a true Alga, resembling some of the filamentous Florideae in habit.
  • The conical papillae are small and close set, though longer and more filamentous on the intermolar portion.
  • Those that bear the antheridia are the smaller, and are either filamentous, or flattened, and irregularly lobed.
  • Its surface is clothed with filamentous or scaly hairs (paleae), which protect the growing point; and adventitious roots spring from it.
  • The dorsiventrality of the prothallus has been shown to depend mainly on the illumination, the filamentous form being retained in feeble light; a similar result is obtained when the prothalli are cultivated in water.

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