Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes several pyrenoids occur in each chloroplast.
  • In the Thallophytes the cytoplasm may be segmented by constriction, due to the in-growth of a new cell wall from the old one, as in Spirogyra and Cladophora, or by the formation of cleavage furrows in which the new cell-wall is secreted, as occurs in the formation of the spores in many Algae and Fungi.
  • Gae) or non-motile, as in Spirogyra, Mucor, Bas- -
  • In the formation of sporangia two cells fuse together by means of outgrowths, in a manner very similar to that of Spirogyra; sometimes, however, the wall between two cells merely breaks down.
  • Spirogyra sp., in conjugation.

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