Sentence Examples

  • In the First Church of Christ in Northampton, Massachusetts, on the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of his Dismissal from the Pastorate of that Church, edited by H.
  • Thus about one-fiftieth part of these interesting and valuable old records is now accessible to the European scholar.
  • Wetherell, Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Woburn (Woburn, 1892); and G.
  • But the result of taking these into account is far from being in accordance with the facts, and experiments of Lord Rayleigh and Paul Drude make it probable that we ought to assume that the transition from one medium to another, though taking place in a distance amounting to about one fiftieth of a wave-length, is gradual instead of abrupt.
  • On this fiftieth day two wave-loaves made from the produce of the fields occupied by the worshipper ("your habitations") are offered together with seven unblemished lambs of the first year as well as one young bullock and two rams as a burnt offering.