Sentence Examples

  • (iv.) The state of adaptation of the observer's eye is dependent on his state of health, on a con dition of greater or less fatigue, or Circle of position ni ////fie on the inclina e,, ,,,y„ head Circle tion of the (,?ccleofdedinataon: in consequence of, ?
  • Hence, if the angle which the tangent at the extremity of the ordinate u 0 makes with the axis of x is denoted by fie, we have area from uo to u1= 2h(uo + ui) - -- i i h 2 (tan y l - tan t u 2 = Wu ' + u2) - 1 Tih 2 (tan 4,2 - tan um-1 t0 26 m, - 2 h(um-1 + um) i h (tan 4, m - and thence, by summation, A =C I - i i h 2 (tan - tan 1,1/o).
  • Berthold of Regensburg (c. 1270) says, " Fie, penny-preacher r.
  • Blesced be fie man fiat 3ede nou)t in fie counseil of wicked, ne stode nou3t in f)e waie of sin3eres, ne sat nou3t in fals iugement.
  • Ac hijs wylle was in fie wylle of oure Lord, and he schat.

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